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The Cat Island Update: September 23rd

Sep 23, 2022 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Friends,

Well either autumn has arrived, or someone left the refrigerator door open overnight. However, based on the forecast, it looks like the fall season will be short lived and summer returns by Sunday. Thank goodness, as we’re still wearing white pants and growing Bermuda grass.

Speaking of growing Bermuda Grass—over the past several days, we’ve watched our greens explode with coverage. We can point to the fact that Ben and his team have been cutting them, rolling them, fertilizing them and, I’ve even seen them taking a knee and bowing their heads. I don’t think they were doing a sod analysis, but rather making a connection with a higher power. I’m sure this combination has produced remarkable results as we are lowering cut heights on the greens, and it won’t be long before they will have those familiar stripes and lush look to them.

Please note, while putting surfaces are indeed the face of the golf course, the rest of it is quite important as well. All of the work is completed on the bunkers, both greenside and fairway bunkers. So, check those off the list as well. We had a critical piece of mowing equipment down over the past few days and, now that it has been repaired, we’re out cutting fairways and roughs again. It amazes me how selective the supply chain is sometimes. We can order a two-ton piece of equipment and receive it within a few days, then a simple part like a belt or bolt breaks and we’re waiting on a slow boat from China on a replacement part. I guess that’s indeed the way of the world these days, so we continue to adjust our plans and continue to pursue that moving target that I alluded to last week.

Our team continues to work on the lake banks by selectively removing a portion of the overgrown areas. We’re taking every measure to do less, pause and evaluate, then take another bite; it’s a slow and tedious process as we have so many water hazards on the golf course to address. That said, we will do our very best to ensure that your eye can focus on these areas as you play, and your golf ball can find an unobstructed path to its watery grave.

This past week we did a wall-to-wall application of fertilizer to the turf to prepare it for the fall season. The stronger the turf is going into the fall and winter months the better it will react in the spring when the daylight hours increase, and the weather warms up again. We call this process the cycle of life for a golf course! The maintenance building and surrounding areas were also addressed this past week. While this is not a high visibility / high priority in some viewpoints, it’s just another box that gets checked as we take another step closer to our goals.
A major task for our team on the immediate radar is to install drainage on the practice range to allow Ben to prepare the range for opening. We’re planning to open the range within the next few weeks to allow our membership the opportunity to keep their games sharp and also to enjoy the beautiful weather of the Lowcountry. More details about the practice range will be forthcoming as those plans materialize. The range is not the only area where drainage work will be done. Our team is working on priority areas around the golf course to install drainage and will continue this practice throughout the winter months and for many months to come. This project work will continue until the birds will be taking their baths in your front yard ornaments and not the golf course fairways.

During this past week, we had marathon meetings regarding the plans for the clubhouse. Like the golf course, we have a laundry list of items to address in order to open the clubhouse. We’re going to address these items in phases with our initial stage starting within the next 30 days. That’s a bit earlier than we originally planned, but as our contractors become available, we’d like to keep them busy! Again, our goal is to get the clubhouse open for your enjoyment over the winter months.

I’ve had more than a few potential members ask, “When will you be finished with all of the renovations to the golf course and clubhouse?” My answer is always the same, “Never!” You see, we will always be tweaking, growing, adjusting, and improving Cat Island Club as long as the sun continues to shine. That’s the nature of our business and the brand of Resort Development Partners.

So, let’s shift gears and talk about our Social Calendar. First and foremost, a special thank you to all of the members who joined us last Friday for our Tacos and Tequila night. What a perfect night we had under the stars with our friends and neighbors. The Tacos and libations were amazing, and I could not be more pleased and prouder of our culinary team for putting this night together.

We’re going to call an audible on our Social Calendar for next week’s event, the rescheduled Labor Day Family Fun Day. It’s obviously getting too late in the season for water slides and such, so we’re going to cancel that event for October 8th and pump up the Trunk or Treat Party on the 30th to really have major fun with the whole family. Start planning your family costumes and don’t forget to build out your golf carts for the Trunk or Treat parade of carts. For extra fun, if your pups are not worn out from the Drool at the Pool event the week before, make sure to include them in the Halloween Trunk or Treat party.

Our social calendar is available on Clubster and we are adding more to the calendar each week. Look for an announcement soon regarding regularly scheduled Happy Hours at the Cabana Bar each week and live entertainment as well! We are continuing to build the entertainment schedule and also, be on the lookout for a fall menu for the Cabana grille soon. Just as the nights have cooled a bit, we’re heating up the plans for the Cabana. While the pool remains a great option for relaxation and beating the “autumn heat,” the evenings are for comradery and gatherings at the Cabana bar. We also have a variety of special delicious sharable options to enjoy with those cocktails. Don’t forget about football either—the games are on and the beers are ice cold.

As we continue to check the boxes to get us one step closer to opening Cat Island Club, we also keep pivoting and adjusting to the conditions that arise. No one said that this would be easy and, if it were, anyone could have done it. I’m so proud of our team for the tremendous strides that we’ve made in a short time. While climbing the mountain we stay focused on the elusive peak. Many times, it seems as we’ll never reach the summit, and the boulders will come crashing down. That said, every now and again, take a glance back at where we’ve been and how far we have climbed. While each step along the way is sometimes uncertain and requires both bravery and trust, it’s a step toward the goal and I can assure you, our team will continue to pursue these goals without failure. We genuinely feel the support of the membership and community and we’re grateful. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Summer is scheduled to return tomorrow, so don’ t put those pool toys away yet. Please feel free to stop by the clubhouse anytime to say hello, as I always enjoy your visits.

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