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The Cat Island Weekly Update: December 16th

Dec 16, 2022 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Friends,

I’ve been singing “It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas” all day. While most retailers have been selling merchandise since Black Friday and before, we’ve been operating on a different timeline. But, as we’ve promised all along, there will be Cat Island Club logos under the tree on Christmas morning; this is a promise that we’re happy to keep. In fact, along with our Open House and Bon Fire on Sunday afternoon, we’ll also be hosting our Grand Opening / Christmas Sale on December 18th starting at 3:00 PM in the golf shop at the Clubhouse. Please note that the sale on this Sunday is for Members only, as we want to make sure that our members get first access to all logo merchandise. Members will also receive a member discount on most logo merchandise. The golf shop will reopen on Tuesday for you last minute shoppers who want to give the absolute best and still have a stocking or two to fill.

Speaking of Sunday, we’re hosting a Bon Fire and Open House for all members and friends of Cat Island Club starting at 4:00 until 7:00. We’ll have live music (featuring Campfire Tyler), drinks and a limited menu that includes burgers, dogs on the grill, chili, and of course a s’mores bar! On your way to the Bon Fire, stop by the clubhouse to take a sneak peak of the progress. I’ll be happy to share the vision for Cat Island Club. There is no charge to attend the Bon Fire or roast a marshmallow on the fire; all drinks and food will be on your member charge or credit card for those of you who stop by to enjoy the holiday festivities. All are welcome!

Another element that looks great in preparation for the holiday season is our clubhouse landscaping project. Ben and his team have been planting native grasses, Magnolia Trees, and various other shrubs in the parking lot. Along with the new plantings, they also removed several palm trees and shrubs that were beyond their best years. Add a layer of mulch, or as we call it, magic dust, and there you have it—a parking lot that looks alive, fresh, and ready to welcome members and guests to Cat Island Club.

Our golf course team also completed the first greens aerification since the inception of our new greens. This process is a necessary evil of green surfaces everywhere. While golfers don’t care for the conditions shortly after aerification, they would really hate the conditions if this process were not done. There is indeed an art to the timing and amounts of sand that gets brushed into the surface and our resident artist, Ben McNair, reported that our greens accepted the first aerification with flying colors.

For those of you who may still be looking for a special gift, remember Full Family Golf Memberships are a great gift for the entire family. During December, we are offering special financing options on the Initiation Fees. As a reminder, the Initiation Fees will increase prior to the golf course opening this spring, so the timing of the financing plan will certainly help with the decision. Also note, the same logic applies to the Social Membership category. With the expected opening of the clubhouse within the next 45-60 days, we will also be increasing the Initiation Fee for that category. Please never hesitate to contact me at the clubhouse if you are considering membership options. I have been told by so many of you that you are planning to join once the golf course and clubhouse are open to members; consider this an opportunity to act on your plans before those anticipated increases.

On a personal note, I was able to share a holiday dinner with our management team this week. Our team at Cat Island Club reaches well beyond just our management team members, it also includes our spouses and even children. I am so pleased and indeed blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people that are dedicated to one another and the success of Cat Island Club. With this team of people, we can’t help but succeed well beyond our anticipated plans and visions. Many times, when you visit our club, you will see our family members knee deep in a particular project and always smiling as our team spirit runs deep. I can assure you all that when you visit your club in the future, members will be treated like guests in our own homes and guests will be treated as members at our club.

I know that many of you will be traveling this week to spend the holidays with friends and family and we hope that you all travel safely and have a most joyous Holiday Season.

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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