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The Cat Island Weekly Update: February 24th

Feb 24, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

Spring comes early in the Lowcountry; based on the long-range forecast, it looks as if the winter of 2023 is in our rearview mirror. Pollen season has officially begun with watering eyes, scratchy throats, a few sniffles and, of course, we all drive the same color cars these days. It’s a small price to pay for living in one of the most beautiful spots in the country. Just glance to the west to witness the most magical sunsets each evening and the shear natural beauty of this incredible property. We are all blessed to be here.

Our team on the golf course not only gets to enjoy those sunsets each night but, this time of year as the weather is warming and the grass is growing, they typically witness the sunrises as well. Their dedication and hard work during this restoration project has certainly paid great dividends for the golf course, our team, and most of all, our members—current and future.

Back in June 2022 when we started this process of restoring the golf course, renovating the clubhouse and building a private club membership, we set the Initiation Fees at a “pre-construction” level. Once construction started, we increased the Initiation Fees to the current levels. We have also communicated our plans to continue to increase these fee as we prepare for the opening of the golf course and clubhouse, which we anticipate happening in April.  As we continue to follow that process, we will be increasing the current Initiation Fees for all categories of membership on Friday, March 10th. That said, the monthly dues that we’ve promoted will remain the same throughout the year. Please feel free to send me an email at or call my office at 843-524-2000 for more details regarding membership and the new level of Initiation Fees.

We have several categories of membership, including Full Family Golf which grants you and your family access to all of the amenities at the Club. Our Young Executive Membership category is designed for families under the age of 40. National Members include members from outside of Beaufort County and contiguous counties while Social Members have access to the pool, tennis, clubhouse and all Social Events with limited golf access. Our Founding Membership program is limited and gives you access to the club without dues. The Corporate Membership category can be customized based on the size of your group. Again, never hesitate to call me for more information or, better yet, stop by and we can visit. Allow me to share the vision of Cat Island Club while we tour the facilities.

Back to the topic of preparing to open, these warm nights with plenty of sunshine during the last several days is exactly what the golf course needs. Ben has placed some covers on specific areas that will build up additional heat and give the Bermuda grass a boost. Just think, last summer the golf course was more reminiscent of Jurassic Park than a golf course. Ben’s daughter was born during the time we were sprigging greens and now she’s crawling on them reading breaking putts! Oh, how far we’ve come in such a short time.

Our Cat Island Family continues to grow as our next two additions will be critical members of our team. We’re in the final stages of selecting our Executive Chef and our Head Golf Professional. These two individuals will lead their respective teams in producing the member experience that has been our vision and drive since day one. Quite frankly, the chemistry of our Club comes from the culture of our team and membership. As I have said many times, our team will be here to ensure that Cat Island Club is your favorite place to be while we deliver exceptional experiences.

As we get closer and closer to opening the club, our golf shop continues to receive new merchandise each week. We have new spring lines from Foot-Joy, Johnnie-O, Fairway & Greene, Scales and many more. Note, members receive 20% off on all logo soft goods while golf balls, gloves, shoes and such are priced to be competitive with local superstores. Stop by often to see the newest merchandise and pick out something special with the new Cat Island Club logo. You won’t be the first one in town to wear it, but you can be the coolest “cat” on the block!

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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Cat Island Club is a premier private Country Club nestled in the heart Beaufort, South Carolina’s Sea Islands. A place simply too rare and too beautiful to treat with anything but the greatest care and respect.

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