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The Cat Island Weekly Update: February 3rd

Feb 3, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club friends,

It seems that “Fake News” Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter yesterday. Well, that may be the case for Pennsylvania, but here in Beaufort, South Carolina; Groundhog day saw mid-70s and sunshine. Spring is already in the air! Perhaps we should adopt our own weather-predicting animal here instead of that Yankee groundhog? I know of a few giant reptiles that call Cat Island Club home that are pretty savvy when it comes to weather. Plus, they would eat those groundhogs for lunch…. literally!

Now that we’re in February, dust continues to settle, and the road ahead becomes more clear.  Warm weather is the key element for the golf course.  Once we get warm nights to awaken the Bermuda grass, we’ll be able to lay additional sod and the sod that was laid last fall will begin to root in and grow.  Ben and his team continue to work on drainage projects and irrigation, as they have been all winter long.  Those areas will soon be closed up and resodded.

Issues on the golf course like drainage, cart path repair and clearing will be projects basically forever. The golf course will continue to evolve over the years and be tweaked as we go along.  Priorities will be set with certain projects; as things evolve and change, priorities will be adjusted as needed.  When we’re asked, “when will the golf course be done?”—the honest answer is, never.  There will always be improvements and adjustments to make it better and better.

The same holds true for the clubhouse to a lesser extent.  Our renovation work is practically completed and once our furniture, fixtures and equipment arrive, we’ll be ready to open.  However, as time goes on, we’ll always have a “what’s next” plan for clubhouse, pool and overall facility.  Some of those plans may be smaller and less noticeable, while others are true projects that will capture your eye and hopefully your heart.

This week, our window treatments were delivered, and we will be installing those in the dining room, wine room, bar and golf shop within the next several days.  We’re also painting the restrooms and, as we find various art pieces, we’re collecting those to add to the ambiance of our cozy clubhouse.

Specific areas on the golf course that continue to capture our attention are some significant drainage areas on #17 and #11.  Ben and his team have done a great job moving water away from the green on #17. With the recent forecast, it’s being tested and thus far, passing with flying colors.  Number 11 is another area where they have concentrated areas of drainage work.

As I have mentioned before in this space, our golf course will have a very natural and sometimes “wild” look and feel at times.  I expect our fairways, tees and greens to be well manicured.  Our greenside bunker and “most” of our fairway bunkers will also be very well maintained.  That said, the areas around the beautiful oaks and ponds will give more of a feel of a natural area.  We’ve transplanted countless native grasses around the golf course and I suspect, during any given round of golf, your ball will find some of these “off the beaten path” areas.  You can expect some rough, hardpan, native grass areas, or any combination of areas that are less than manicured.  We love the different textures that the native grasses give to the property and also, the protection for our wildlife and general natural areas that make the Lowcountry the Lowcountry.

This past week, we’re working with our suppliers for things like hole signage, flags, tee markers and such.  You can also expect the same “minimalism” in these items.  We like a simple clean look to ensure we don’t try to compete with the beauty of this golf course.

With the weather being as it is this time of year, we’re trying to keep a keen eye on the forecasts in order to plan events.  The result is planning with a bit less advance notice and long-range scheduling. For instance, the Super Bowl is coming up next week.  Please stay tuned for a later than normal announcement in case the weather looks good for a “pre-game” party.  We’ll do our best to give you ample time to stop by and enjoy a few beverages and light pre-game food, provided the weather permits.  Soon, we’ll be in the clubhouse and winter events will not be determined by weather conditions.

I am also so pleased to report that our membership numbers continue to increase each day in all of the various categories.  I want to highlight our Young Executive Membership this week.  We have two separate divisions for Young Executives.  One membership is for members from age 21-34 and another category from ages 35-39.  These membership levels have been very popular with young families who enjoy golf, dining, pool, tennis and social events.  Isn’t that everyone? Please feel free to reach out to me for more information on these categories and all of the various categories of membership available.

Have a great weekend Cat Island Club friends. Please feel free to stop by the clubhouse anytime. I’d love to visit with you and share the vision of Cat Island Club!

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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