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The Cat Island Weekly Update: January 13th

Jan 13, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

Happy Friday everyone! It’s that awkward time of year when we instinctively write 2022 on many of our notes, then write a three over the two, and wonder when we can quit saying Happy New Year to everyone. At Cat Island Club, this time of year means our focus becomes more laser driven and our days are filled with ‘hurry up and wait’ moments.

On the golf course, Ben and his team are working diligently on drainage areas while they continue to restore the course back into condition.  The clean-up has been a layered approach over the past several months.  First, the big items and eventually, the smaller materials that will produce the final product.  Our goal is to maintain the natural beauty of this golf course.  The native grasses along many of the ponds and various areas of the golf course just add to the natural look that will make Cat Island Club so special.  These grasses have been transplanted from overgrown areas of the property to help achieve our goal of restoring the course to its most natural setting. Everything that we do will be minimalist in design from the course signage to understated logos on the shirts.   This property is WAY too beautiful for us to do anything but enjoy it.  Sure our tees, fairways and greens will be manicured to our standards; but for those of us who take a more scenic route to the hole, we’re going to be one with nature more often than not.

We will always welcome the spectacular birds who live on Cat Island, as well as the many deer that call Cat Island their home.  Even the alligators, squirrels and other wildlife that add to the beauty of not only our Club but the Lowcountry in general will always have a safe home at our club.  One group of residents that we’re not as crazy about are the moles that we have come to experience. We will be doing our best to mitigate their damage while maintaining the same environmental stewardship exhibited throughout the property.  I’m so proud of our Golf Course Agronomic team for the arduous work that they do and the results that they have accomplished to date.  As we all know, the weather this time of year can be a challenge, but they persevere and make progress each and every day.

The question on everyone’s minds continues to be…. when will the golf course be ready for play?  The semi-technical response is this: once the ground temperature gets to 60 degrees and the Bermuda grass awakens from its’ dormant condition and begins to turn green, our team will shift their efforts into high gear. Sod will begin to grow in, and many scars left from reconstruction on irrigation and drainage will begin to heal.  Look for the nighttime low temperatures to stay above that 60 degree mark and the finish line for construction will be close and daily operations will begin.

The non-technical answer is this, we want to open and play this golf course more than anyone.  That said, we will wait as long as possible to ensure that Cat Island Club puts on a great balance of natural beauty and golf course conditions worthy of our efforts.  ‘Hurry up and wait!’

The other question that is, “what about the clubhouse?”  This situation is identical to the golf course. Our team continues to enhance the clubhouse dining areas. This week, they have completed the work on the roof and ceiling in the bar that was in desperate need of repair.  For those of you who have toured the clubhouse with me, I had been talking about our private dining space—the wine room.  The barn style doors have been installed and that space is one checked box closer to completion.  The room between the bar area and the banquet and catering room is a main focus of service efficiency for our team.  This space will be crucial for our “Front of House” service staff, housing their supplies and serving as a hub for producing the most comfortable experience for our members and their guests.  This area falls into the same category of many items in a club, as it’s not the most exciting topic and we want it to be almost invisible; however, if it’s not working properly, it becomes visible and will need to be addressed.

We’re also adding final touches like putting the coolers in place in the “Turn Room”. Televisions are being mounted above the bar and in the golf shop. Like the warm weather that will revive the golf course, we’re anxiously awaiting our kitchen equipment and dining room furniture.  ‘Hurry up and wait,’ again.

I’m thrilled to announce that so many of you who are reading these weekly updates, following us on Social Media or our club’s website, are not waiting to join the Cat Island family. Our membership numbers continue to rise each week. I’m humbled by so many of you who have expressed your appreciation for what you see, hear, and know of our plans and vision.  Our membership continues to grow and even outpace our projections for this time of year.  For those of you still thinking about joining, feel free to stop by the clubhouse or contact me directly to set up a time to come by and take a tour.  I enjoy meeting with you and your families.  While we are rebuilding this Club, it’s most important to build relationships as well.  Never hesitate to stop by and see Cat Island Club for yourself.

Stay warm this weekend and always safe. And by the way, Happy New Year…. again!

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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