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The Cat Island Weekly Update: January 20th

Jan 20, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

Another week has come and gone. This means that we’re one step closer to opening the Cat Island Club golf course for member play. Last week, I touched on the subject that’s on everyone’s mind—when will we open? Last week, I discussed the technical answer as to what needs to happen, weather-wise and even our philosophy as to when we will be teeing it up. From the very start of this journey, we said that nailing down dates would remain a moving target.

The issues that cause the movement are many. That said, anyone who has tried to complete a project, regardless of size and scope in today’s world, knows exactly what I’m referring to. Everything from supply chains to pure manpower are more challenging now than any time in my life; this is why it’s so hard to nail down our moving target of opening for play.

I will say this…we have circled Memorial Day weekend to host a celebration worthy of a Grand Opening. But, we’ll be playing golf and dining at least 30-60 days before that. Many of the items that I’ve been reporting over the past few months will get us to a soft opening. As I’ve said all along, we will not open the golf course before we’re ready.

With that being said, for those of you reading this update and thinking about membership, please note that we anticipate an increase of the Initiation Fees prior to opening the golf course for golf access memberships and prior to opening the clubhouse for Social Members. There have been no decisions as to the amount of the increase or the exact timing, but the message is this—if you are thinking about joining Cat Island Club this spring, sooner is better than later.

Not all of the tasks are as tangible as others.  We’re in the early phases of hiring key staff members and planning our calendars for the upcoming season. Our golf calendar filled up quickly with member events. We’ll be enjoying our Member / Member events, Member / Guest and Club Championships as major events for 2023. You can also plan on monthly one day Member / Guests in addition to ladies and seniors weekly events and junior camps plus team play. We’re also planning some fun seasonal events that will surely build memories for years to come. Hosting outside tournaments from time to time is also on the agenda. What better way to raise a few dollars for so many great causes or just say thank you to the people who work so hard all year long? Limited dates for outside events are filling up, so please feel free to contact me for more information regarding golf access for outside tournaments. Cat Island Club will be a positive force as a community member of Beaufort and surrounding areas.

Our practice range is open Tuesday through Sunday for our members to use and our golf shop is stocked full of golf merchandise. You are welcome to come out and shop for everything from balls and gloves to beautiful logoed apparel. You don’t have to be a member to shop in our clubhouse and new merchandise continues to arrive daily, but our practice range is reserved for members only.

The work on the golf course and clubhouse continues this week. On the golf course, we sprayed a variety of herbicides used for weed control. Our team continues to work on drainage projects and clean-up all around the golf course. We will continue to apply various herbicides, fertilizers and other chemicals prior to opening (as well as ongoing), to ensure our plants are as healthy as possible.

At the clubhouse, we’ve installed our doors at the Carriage House. This is the building adjacent to the clubhouse where golf carts are stored.  The siding, finish work and doors give this building an entirely new and fresh look. We’ve also repaired the pillars on the back patio. I believe that our back patio will have one of the most spectacular views in Beaufort, as it overlooks the 18th green and lagoons with a magnificent live oak offering shade (and a few acorns) from time to time. Hey, this is the Lowcountry!

Some other final details of the clubhouse work are being completed this week. The TVs are being hung over the bar, the ice machine and coolers are being placed in the turn room and the service station is nearing completion. Some of the smallest details are the difference makers when showcasing our brand at this club. Cat Island Club will always be a club where our members, their families and guests can enjoy themselves, relax and unwind. We’ve all seen clubs that can be a bit “stuffy” at times…that’s not Cat Island Club!

Well friends, there is plenty of work to do in order to gain a better focus on the moving target of officially opening this club.  Each week, a little more dust settles, and the vision becomes more clear. I’m so pleased that so many of you take the time to reach out to me regarding Cat Island Club. I enjoy giving you tours of the clubhouse. Now that the carts are in place, we can tour the golf course much easier than before!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for continued mild temperatures and patience.

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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