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The Cat Island Weekly Update: January 26th

Jan 26, 2024 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

Is it too early to declare the end of Lowcountry winter—at least unofficially? What a welcome relief to get back into the warmer days where players with shorts are the norm and not the exception. I know it’s still a bit early to break out the white belts, but spring comes quickly to Beaufort and summer is even faster.

This past week, I was honored to have several members join me for lunch at our monthly “Lunch with the GM” day. Everything is on the table (except politics and religion), and we spent our time together discussing everything from the golf course to dining menus and inviting new members to our club. I love spending time with members in these face to face, uninterrupted times.

Some of the recurring themes in the conversation were “look how far we’ve come in a short time” and “imagine where we’ll be this time next year and in the years to come.”  When you live it every day, it’s hard to comprehend that we’re still 4 months away from our first birthday on the golf course and still in our infancy in the clubhouse. I feel as if we’ve already laid the groundwork for rich traditions and historical milestones that will be celebrated for year after year.

Our golf calendar is quite full for the 2024 season. Our major events are highlighted with this list:

  • Spring Member / Member Championship in April
  • Member / Guest Championship in May
  • Club Championship in June
  • Couples Championship in July
  • Senior / Junior Championship in September
  • Fall Member / Member in October

We also have a full compliment of Member Mixers and Association Events. Our Senior Men play each week in a competitive game and our Men’s Group will be playing each weekend and on Wednesday evenings in the season of our weekly Emergency 9.

Our ladies group started with a star-studded field of remarkable talent at our lady’s clinic last week. The ladies are excited and ready to play after their first clinic. In fact, they started this week, even during less-than-ideal conditions, while one was on the injured reserve list. You cannot get between our ladies and the first tee!

Next month, we’ve redesigned our George Cobb masterpiece into the Super Bowl Shuffle par 3 extravaganza. All 18 holes will be not only converted to par 3’s but also throw in a cross-country element. Oh what fun we will have in our NFL gear in preparation for the big game.

As you can see, there is so much to do and enjoy at Cat Island Club. If we’re having this much fun in January and February, just image what we’ll be doing in May and October. We’ve come a long way since starting this project, and the future has never looked brighter—thanks to all of you!

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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Cat Island Club is a premier private Country Club nestled in the heart Beaufort, South Carolina’s Sea Islands. A place simply too rare and too beautiful to treat with anything but the greatest care and respect.

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