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The Cat Island Weekly Update: January 27th

Jan 27, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

I’ve always adopted the management practice of the 5 P’s: Pre Planning Prevents Poor Performance. This past week was the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. As a Life Member of the PGA, I’ve been to more than my share of shows over the years. This year’s show was special, as it was for Cat Island Club. We’ve been planning and preparing for many months; watching elements come together has been quite rewarding. The PGA Show is one of the largest trade shows in the world and it gave us the opportunity to see, feel, purchase and plan further with products in hand.

The PGA Show in combination with the Golf Course Superintendent’s Show encompasses every element that we or any golf course operator would ever need, plus many things that we never would have thought we needed. The PGA Show includes everything that anyone could ever imagine under one roof along with new product introductions—the equivalent to a “kid in the candy shop” for a golf fan. As much as we hate to admit it, we are in the business of golf and we work these shows to follow our plans and ensure our vision is crystal clear.

One the last thing about the PGA shows is the relationships that are built in this industry over the years. It’s always great seeing old friends and former teammates and catching up on others. It was especially uplifting spending time with our team from Resort Development Partners and seeing how vast their network is and the level of respect that they receive from the industry insiders. I say all of that to say this, our plans are coming together nicely and we’re in good hands for the future of Cat Island Club.

Back here on the home front, our team continues to work on golf course clean-up, replanting grasses, irrigation repairs and mowing greens. While this work is being accomplished during this winter season, this list will be a norm for many years to come during down times. We won’t really see much movement in the tees, fairways, and greens until the warmer weather returns.  So, the clean-up and repair projects will always take center stage during the winter months.

The clubhouse work is at least 80-90% complete. We’re down to the final details like window treatments and general punch list items. As I stated last week, then it becomes a process of hurry up and wait. In the meantime, as we find unique artwork, beautiful antique furniture pieces and other accessories, we have been adding them to our club’s bones and brand.  Once the kitchen equipment and dining room furnishings are produced and delivered, we’ll be the first to celebrate.

Next week, we will be hosting the South Carolina Golf Association to remeasure the golf course and plan the rating for the course from each set of tees. Once we have that information, we’ll begin the process of creating our scorecards and eventually our ratings will determine our handicap process. The course won’t be rated until closer to opening, but this preliminary work will certainly help us in the long run.

We’re so thankful and humbled by the steady stream of memberships that continue to grow our ranks. There are many “snowbirds” and future “snowbirds” in town and the buzz that is Cat Island Club certainly has peaked their interest levels. That said, it’s not only people looking for National Memberships that are growing our membership base. It’s the same buzz that’s heard all around Beaufort as people have been watching and following our progress for some time. We’ve adjusted our membership offering for Young Executive Members a few weeks ago to include young families up to age 39, which certainly has added to the buzz.

And now, as they see that we’re setting the brand standard, they have decided to join our club and our membership base. Again, I’m grateful for so many who have expressed their interest and have joined Cat Island Club or are in the process.

While I’m certain that many of you sit anxiously awaiting your weekly Cat Island Club updates, and never miss the latest news surrounding our club (I’m kidding of course about the anxiously awaiting part), you can review all of the past articles on our club’s website, It’s fun to look back at our short history and think about how far we’ve come in a few short months. We’re grateful for the support that we receive from the Cat Island neighborhood and the Beaufort community—and beyond. We’re building something very special out here and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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