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The Cat Island Weekly Update: July 21st

Jul 21, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

Well, if your preference is hot and humid—isn’t this great?! I’ve been watching the Open Championship over the last two days, and have enjoyed watching players play golf in layered outerwear. Our time will come soon enough, so I am not one to complain about the heat. After all, it’s not a surprise, it is summer in South Carolina.

Another week has passed, and the dust is clearing around the opening of the clubhouse. We are currently waiting on one last piece of critical equipment in order to open the kitchen to dining. It appears that the missing piece that was custom-made to fit a specific space is still about 3-4 weeks out. The piece is an integral part of our dishwashing station, so we cannot make any menu adjustments or other provisions to work around this essential element. Once it is delivered and installed, we’ll be ready to launch our soft opening of the clubhouse. If I were to look into my “never-failing” crystal ball, and everything promised falls into place as it always does, I’m betting that we’ll be enjoying dinner and drinks in the clubhouse during the third week in August.

Our plan is to follow a similar approach in the clubhouse that we did when opening the golf course. We’ll be open on limited days and times for several days while we work the “kinks” out of the brand-new operation. During late August, our attention will be to host a final blast at the pool for Labor Day before we have a Grand Opening Celebration at the clubhouse. I envision a party with live music, lots of food, fun and the sounds of popping corks in the air. As mentioned in previous weeks, as we continue to gain focus and finalize details, I will be sure to announce the schedule of events for the opening of the clubhouse and restaurant.

For the remainder of the summer months, the Cabana Bar and Grille will continue to be the hub of our Food and Beverage Service. The Cabana is open from 12:00 until 8:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday. The club is closed on Mondays.

Tomorrow our membership will be enjoying Happy Hour on the Oak Patio for our Sips, Dips and Chips affair. We’ll be enjoying some special cocktails and Chef Lucas is making some fresh dips to enjoy while our Head Professional, Keith Maher will be conducting a “slightly unusual” chipping contest on the 18th green. The party starts at 6:00 and the Chipping Champ will be crowned at 8:00 PM. You won’t want to miss the fun. There is no charge to attend, and happy hour pricing on beverages!

Now that our South Carolina Golf Association handicap rating has been completed, it’s time to begin with our member golf programming. Look for updates on Clubster for our Men’s, Ladies, Seniors, and Juniors events—and of course, the ever-popular Friday Night Couples event—Nine and Dine. These types of events are what make clubs relevant for their members. Cat Island Club is no different in our member golf experience. We will continue to build in events, from some Major events like our Member / Guest Championship and Club Championship where we identify the true competitors to our Nine and Dine events where we identify who wishes to have a good time and throw a little golf in there. Club life is designed to be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. That’s the focus of our club and for those of you reading this note, don’t just take my word for it and ask any of our members. They are the best ambassadors that we can ever hope for. If you are interested in Golf Membership, please reach out to me to allow me to introduce you to a current golf member who will share the experience with you.

For the pickleballers out there–next week’s Pickleball 101 and Pickleball Round Robin are filling up fast. If you are looking to learn to play and enjoy the fastest-growing sport in the country, please send me an email about Tuesday evening’s Pickleball 101 clinic. The Pickleball Round Robin on Thursday is also filling up fast. Get your name on the list and come out and enjoy the fun or Pickleball with a little libation after playing. Just stay out of the kitchen! (Inside Pickleball joke).

The Summer Camp for our younger members that begins on August 7th is full and we’ve started a waiting list. If you are still interested, please reach out to Laura Vasquez at

Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed for some relief from the heat. I’ll be if we all get our good vibes together, it will begin to let up in a few months. Hey, it’s summer in South Carolina, and I for one would not want to be anywhere else.

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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