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The Cat Island Weekly Update: July 28th

Jul 28, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

While today’s rain dampened a few spirits on the golf course, it was a welcome relief to the golf course itself and a few tired souls.  We’ve worked on golf course drainage during the winter months and today’s downpour was just a little too much too fast; overall, we cheered the rain as a gift that it is.

These days, our teams are working diligently in preparing for the clubhouse opening.  This week (and next), our dining rooms and kitchens are full of activity, but not the kind that we’re ultimately seeking.  We’ve had a number of our vendors on site to ensure future comfort and convenience, which is a necessary step toward opening the clubhouse next month.

Our plan for opening the dining room includes a soft opening for several days to allow us to work out the kinks and also identify new ones.  We’ll also host a dinner for our Founding Members and, of course, we’ll have an awesome New Member Reception for everyone who has joined the club over the past 14 months!  (For anyone keeping score, that means all members and we’re going to have a blast!)

As you may have surmised by keeping up with our weekly updates, Resort Development Partners and Cat Island Club are a patriotic bunch.  We had a phenomenal Grand Opening ceremony for the golf course with Marines raising our flags and flying overhead.  We also have specific membership opportunities for Active-Duty service men and women.  Retired service members too receive a break on their Initiation Fees.  This weekend, we are hosting the Veterans Golf Association for one of their regional golf tournaments.  The VGA conducts events all around the country and veterans who compete earn points to compete in regional and National championships later in the year.  Last year’s championship was at Pebble Beach.  In August, we will be hosting the Adaptive Golf Experience on our range and golf course on the 19th.  Adaptive Golf serves disabled Veterans and civilians with physical limitations through the wonderful game of golf.  We’re so proud to be giving back to the community that supports us with events like these.  If you would like additional information about the VGA or Adaptive Golf, send me a note at and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with these awesome groups.

Our racquet sports division of Cat Island Club continues to explode with interest, which is led by our Tennis Director, Jill Wilson.  Jill has lit the fuse for pickleball and to say that its popularity is strong would be the understatement of the year.  This week, both our Pickleball 101 clinic for beginners and our Pickleball Round Robin Tournament were complete sell outs. Next week, we’re hosting “Drills and Such” for Pickleball on August 2nd from 6:00 until 7:30.  The price is $15 for members and non-members can register for $20 on a non-primary list.  Then on August 3rd, we’ll be hosting another Pickleball Round Robin event.  There is an 18-player maximum for this night and the prices and sign-up rules are the same.  With each clinic, players are awarded a free beer or house wine ticket to be used after the clinic in the Cabana Bar.  There is still some room in the Tennis Social for this Sunday if you are interested in the “other” racquet sport.  Please email Jill directly at for more information and registration.

We’re also pleased to announce that we’re introducing Yoga instruction for the members at Cat Island Club. This introduction to Yoga will be in the clubhouse this Tuesday starting at 6:00 PM.  If you are interested in increasing your mobility, flexibility, strength or just calming your anxiety and relaxing your mind to help you focus or concentrate, Yoga is for you.  It will also help you sleep and reduce stress; who doesn’t need that?  Heart Maher is our highly certified Yoga instructor and all you need is a Yoga Mat and a towel to get started.  Please email me at to register for Yoga on Tuesday evening.  The cost is $12 per person for the 45-minute session.

Next week, we’ll be aerifying the putting surfaces so the golf course will be closed starting on Monday through Thursday.  Ben will be using small core tines to punch holes in the surfaces that will allow air, nutrients, and water to get directly to the roots.  The longer-term effects also include smoother putting surfaces and better receptibility of shots into the greens.  By using the smaller tines and not adding sand to the surface, we expect a much quicker recovery and shorter “healing process” of the greens.

After the aerification, we’ll be starting up our member association play.  This means we’ll have organized groups each week for Seniors, Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples for fun and light competition.  Members, please review all of the details forthcoming for the various associations where you can participate and enjoy.  Our goal is to bring people together and there’s no better way than playing golf with other members.

These are just a few elements that make Cat Island Club so special.  If you are interested in membership opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.  I would love to show you around the club and share the vision of Cat Island Club.  I will be happy to introduce you to a current member who can sponsor you for membership and perhaps save a few dollars along the way.

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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