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The Cat Island Weekly Update: July 29th

Jul 29, 2022 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Friends,

When we look back at the original timeline for the restoration of our golf course, we had circled early August for sprigging our greens in order to meet our timeline for opening in the Fall of 2022. There were so many steps along the way and hurdles to overcome to hit that “self-imposed” deadline. Make no mistake—many of those hurdles remain and some of the significant issues are perhaps a little less ominous. With all that being said, the future putting surfaces were tilled, contoured, fumigated, and now we are planning on sprigging the greens on the front 9, along with the practice green on Tuesday, August 2nd.

The greens on the back nine are scheduled to be sprigged the following week. This break between the two startups will give us the opportunity to focus our efforts on the first 10 greens to ensure our team can get the turf started right in the first seven days. We feel exceptionally confident that the needed heat will continue and, while our irrigation system still has some issues, we will have a successful grow in period over the next few weeks. We will be able to check off a major box in the process.

A picture containing outdoor, grass, sky, ground

Description automatically generatedMr. LaFoy was back on site this week putting the finishing touches on the front nine green elevations and then he shifted his focus to greenside bunkers. Our construction team has been shaping bunkers and surrounds according to his plans and, as the greens begin to grow-in, the bunkers will be finished with zoysia sod and white tour angle sand.

The fairways are in the crosshairs of Ben and his team, as they have grown by four more people, and next week his new Assistant Superintendent and our new Mechanic will be on board to add even more expertise. This past week, we brought in some heavy power equipment to fertilize the fairways and rough. We want the Bermuda fairways and rough to be healthy and strong as we spray out the weeds that have appeared over time. The process for these areas is to fertilize, control weeds, cut…fertilize, control weeds, cut; over and over and over again.

The range tee is also being prepped. We will be verti-cutting the surface to thicken the Bermuda grass. The machine that we use is called a Vertiquake and it’s designed to not only verti-cut Bermuda grass, but also loosen the soil to ensure water, nutrients and oxygen find their way to the roots of the plants. Again, all designed to strengthen the turf for optimal playing conditions for you and your guests. We plan on having the practice range open before the golf course and will communication this opening date in the near future.

Those are the plans for the golf course. While our course is growing, so is our membership! We’re incredibly pleased and excited that so many of you have joined our Cat Island family. So, you know what that means? “It’s time to schedule another party!” Circle August 25th on your calendars as we will be hosting a beer tasting party featuring Pawley’s Island Brewery at the pool that evening. We’ll have beer to taste, music to hear and fun to have. More details will be forthcoming, but I want to make you are aware that our next event is on the books. I have also included a copy of our Grille menu at the pool with this week’s email. If you have not had one of our delicious burgers, you’re missing something special. Our entire menu has gotten great reviews and I hope that all our members and their guests get a chance to enjoy a meal; poolside!

Our Operations Manager, Laura Vasquez and I have been planning many more social events under the Cabana for this Summer and Fall. Some are simpler, with just some music to melt away the stress, and others will require more planning and execution; the common theme is FUN! After all, that’s the business that we’re in! Stay tuned as our Club life shapes up like our golf course. Certainly, exciting times at the new Cat Island Club. Have a great weekend, come visit us at the pool and stay safe!

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