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The Cat Island Weekly Update: July 7th

Jul 7, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

You know it’s hot when we have more members at the pool each day than on the golf course. The Cat Island Club pool has been a literal “hot spot” of activity when the thermometer is solid red. The Cabana Bar and Grill is now open six days a week for lunch, dinner, and drinks (Tuesday-Sunday, 12-8PM).

Very soon, I’ll be announcing the opening of the clubhouse! We have been installing the equipment that was delivered last week; each day we get a bit closer to opening. I’m grateful to all of the various service professionals who have helped us along the way—plumbers, electricians, HVAC teams, painters, and various craftsmen. I’m also both grateful for and proud of our team that has worked and dedicated so much time and effort to bring Cat Island Club back to this new level. Mostly, however, I’m grateful to all of the Cat Island Club members who have been waiting so patiently for the opening of the clubhouse.

Thirteen months ago, we set up shop in the clubhouse and started to meet people as we told them of our vision for Cat Island Club. Then twelve months ago, we started restoring the golf course and our vision became more clear as the excitement grew. More and more people toured our club facilities, and our membership numbers began to swell. Then we started renovating the clubhouse last winter; our reputation grew as the vision was becoming a reality. Over Memorial Day, we launched the golf course with immense pride, happiness, and joy. Now the final amenity, at least for now, will be coming to fruition before the end of the month—assuming no missteps along the way. As our plans continue to evolve, I’ll be able to announce a date for the soft opening and then Grand Opening very soon.

Next week, we’re hosting our first One-Day Member / Guest on the golf course. We have a full field (and then some) and we’re planning on hosting a memorable day. The South Carolina Golf Association rating team was here a few weeks ago, but we have not yet received our new course rating for handicap purposes. So, our event will be more focused on having a fun time which will include great food, plenty of beverages and some “light” competition amongst friends. These events are as much fun for us to host as they are for our members and friends to play. We constantly strive to bring people together for fun and camaraderie. What better way to do that than a little golf event?

Last night, we brought people together for fun and camaraderie through our first of many pickleball socials. We had two awesome pros sharing the nuances of the game with twenty-five members during the intro to pickleball. Based on the smiles and laughter, pickleball was a huge hit with everyone involved. We’ll be doing more socials, both tennis and pickleball, so look for dates in upcoming dates in future publications.

One other event that brought a large number of players to the golf course this past week was the Flag Tournament on the 4th of July. Our players each received an American flag to plant on their net 72nd shot. It’s always a treat to see all the flags all over the final holes of the golf course and even a few that made it back into the golf shop with strokes to spare. Congratulations to Charles Hrabanek who took top honors on Tuesday.

So, whether you are a member or guest reading this note, I hope that you’ll witness firsthand our efforts to bring people together. There is no better feeling than spending time with loved ones and friends. The Cat Island Club is just the place to do exactly that. If you wish to enjoy a round of golf, a lazy day poolside or enjoy a delicious dinner on the Oak Patio under the stars, it all starts with membership at Cat Island Club. Just ask one of our many ambassadors. You’ll recognize them with the fern on their shirts or the smiles on their faces! Have a wonderful week everyone and stay hydrated.

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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