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The Cat Island Weekly Update: March 10th

Mar 10, 2023 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Club Friends,

Todays’ rain is as welcome as a long putt made after a poor pitch shot. While irrigation is good, there is nothing like a little shower from above to bring 100% coverage to the entire golf course, and our lawns! Now we have what looks like, pea soup on the streets and on our patios, but it’s springtime in the Lowcountry and it’s a small price to pay.

Before we look ahead to the next few weeks, let’s look back to last week first. We hosted our regular Happy Hour last week and, apparently, everyone in town needed a dose of happiness. We were blown away at the response to the Wings and Live Music night. So what better way to respond to a night where we were overwhelmed than to announce, “Let’s do it again!” Each time we host an event, we learn a little, adjust and move to the next date.

Well, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and if you want to join in the fun at Cat Island Club, you’re as lucky as a four leaf clover.  You can join us at the Cabana Bar next Friday night from 5-7:00 PM for our first St. Paddy’s Day celebration.   We will be serving traditional Irish cuisine, themed cocktails, and of course, green beer. Being that the flat top grill at the Cabana is not the best mechanism for cooking some of the customary celebratory dishes, we have enlisted the help of The Kitchen right here on Lady’s Island. The menu will include Shepard’s Pie, Corned Beef with carrots and potatoes, Irish Soda Bread and more. This will be a rain or shine event. Members are invited to join us at $27++ per person and are welcome to invite their guests to partake in the fun for $30++ per person. Please note that attendance will be limited and, accordingly, registration is required. If you’re ready to shamrock and roll, head on over to Clubster to RSVP or send me a note at

Now, back to last week. I had an absolute ball with the first ladies’ golf clinic!  We had a wide range of talent levels, ranging from spectacular to awesome!  I had as much fun as the ladies did; plus, we all learned a bit along the way.  Our next clinic is for all players and I’m bringing in a special guest instructor from Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Steve Luckhardt will be on our range on Saturday, April 1st from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM.  Steve is one of the top teachers in the area. His stable of students play the game at some very high levels and others who have a strong desire to improve and understand their golf swings.  Steve will be doing personal 30 minute tune ups utilizing a wide range of technology, including Trackman and multiple camera angles, to allow him to capture the undisputable data about you and your golf swing.  He has studied with some of the top golf instructors in the nation and has a very clear understanding of human anatomy and joint functions, so he can help you improve your golf swing regardless of your current ability. If you are interested in learning more about your golf swing and how your body works (or doesn’t), this is a great way to gain an understanding of optimizing your potential and play your best golf—just in time for the soft opening of Cat Island Club!  Each 30-minute clinic is $50, and reservations are required.  Please email me at to add your name to the list.

Throughout the year, we’ll be hosting many opportunities to improve your golf game with guest instructors like Steve and Erika Larkin.  Erika is a recognized top 50 Teacher from Golf Digest Magazine and the #1 teacher in Virginia since 2014.  Our own Golf Professional, Keith Maher, will also be on board soon to fill in the teaching responsibilities on a daily basis.  Dates for Erika’s visit have not been finalized yet, but it’s clear the Cat Island Club will be the place to improve your game (and enjoy it even more) throughout the year.

Looking a bit farther out, hold the dates June 5-8 and August 7-10 for our Cat Island Club SUMMER CAMPS for kids ages 4-12.  The camps will include tennis, golf, swimming and arts and crafts and will be limited in the number of kids per camp.  More details and sign-up instructions will be out soon.  Cat Island Club members will have priority in attending but the camps will also be available to guests.

Summer will be here before you know it and safety is our number one priority at the Club.  When it comes to our pool and our greatest gifts, our children and grandchildren, we’re proud to offer another critical resource.  As such, we are excited to announce that the ISR program is coming to Cat Island Club.  Master Instructor Christen Buchert will be offering lessons at the Club beginning April 24, 2023.  Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), lessons are geared for children aged 6 months to 6 years old, but the program also works well for older, nervous students.  All lessons are taught one-on-one and are fully customized for your individual child.  Give your child the gift of competence in the water. Skills Before Thrills!  ISR’s mission is Not One More Child Drowns.  For more information, please visit the National website at

So if you’ve been reading these weekly updates each week, you know that I always focus on what’s happening with the golf course restoration and clubhouse renovations.  While that work is continuing on those areas, I wanted to mention these programs for the near future to allow you to mark your calendars and sign-up now or at least save the dates.

Also, for those of you still wondering about “What is Cat Island Club all about?”, I can say that we are a club that cares about our members and their guests.  We want to provide you with unique and useful programming that will not only build lasting memories, but will help you enjoy your golf game, your children’s development (maybe even save a life), and not to mention a great time at the Cabana next Friday with green beer and an Irish feast!   Never hesitate to contact me for more information and sign-up instructions for all of these upcoming events.

With warmest regards,
Tim Mervosh
General Manager

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