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The Cat Island Weekly Update: September 16th

Sep 16, 2022 | Weekly Update

Dear Cat Island Friends,

When dealing in the world of golf course construction, it’s remarkably similar to a golf swing. You must remain flexible, in balance and able to adjust your game plan as the situations change. As you all know, we’ve had an abundance of rain that caused many issues with our ability to get out and work on the golf course. With the rains, we adjusted our plans to focus on the lake banks while we are also able to install drainage in each greenside bunker and place sod around all bunkers, thus setting up the green surrounds.

Adjusting the game plan is also unavoidable when we’re dealing with the ever-present equipment supply chain shortages. Obviously, this is something that we all deal with in our daily lives and we’re learning to adapt. In a golf swing, the one element that causes more bad shots that anything else is tension. I’m so proud of our team for being able to adjust, remain flexible and stay in balance as we negotiate the waters of golf course construction while staying focused and positive. Even a soft opening remains a moving target for us, as we’re committed to ensuring exceptional experiences on the golf course and in every facet of the club. We will not rush or delay the process unnecessarily and you can rest assured, I’ll keep everyone in the loop as we progress.

Along with cleaning up the lake banks, our team completed the work on all greenside bunkers. We’ve added a Zoysia sod perimeter to each bunker which not only defines the bunker, but also limits the creeping of grass into the bunkers long term. Also in the sod work column, we’ve added a perimeter of Paspalum Sod around each green to blend into the bunker surrounds. In other words, after this week, our greens are now well defined, and the entire green surrounds have come together to get us one step closer in the process.

The majority of the lake bank work has occurred on the front nine thus far. This is a slow and tedious process as we want to remove weeds and overgrown woody material, but also leave much of the native grasses while minimizing the disturbance to the lake banks themselves. Much of this work is done by hand and in some cases, a mini excavator is used to reach out over the banks for the safety of our team.

As the property continues to dry out, we’ll be able to get back out and continue cutting the fairways and roughs. This too is a process as we must do this in stages to maximize chances of success. The forecast for the week ahead looks promising, so I’m confident that we’ll make headway and take another step up the ladder.

This past week, we also made a significant investment in what I call, obstructions. Back to my days as a rules official, obstructions were anything on the golf course that was man-made. In our case, signage around the golf course, waste receptacles, flagsticks, directional signs, and a variety of range equipment. All are necessary at every club and there is a wide variety of options out there. Call me odd, but this stuff gets me excited and gets my juices flowing. We purchased some really cool pieces to showcase the brand of Cat Island Club and Resort Development Partners. Like many things in America today, the lead time is measured in months instead of weeks. So, you’ll be seeing these pieces in 2023, but I assure you, they are worth waiting for!

While I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the delivery of this weekly missive, I also realize that most of you are on your way to the Cabana Bar for tonight’s Tacos and Tequila Mixer. I’m incredibly pleased that so many of you are planning to come tonight. I have had a chance to “sample” the Tacos and I’ll leave the Tequila sampling to the experts—each of you! As I have mentioned before, member engagement is a key element in the strength and success of any club. Based on our brief history and comments regarding the upcoming events, I have no doubt that our club membership will be a solidified unit that will always band together to keep our club moving forward. Just a “few” of the upcoming events are as follows:

Oct 1st ~ Happy Hour with Live Music
Oct 8th ~ Family Fun Day at the Pool (rescheduled Labor Day party)
Oct 22nd ~ Drool at the Pool
Oct 30th ~ Trunk or Treat Halloween Party
Nov 10th ~ USMC Birthday party
Nov 26th ~ Oyster Roast
Dec 22nd ~ Christmas Parade and Bon Fire
Jan 1st ~ Lowcountry Boil

Please note that this is an abbreviated list of our events for the fall / winter. The complete list can be found on Clubster. And remember, when the Gamecocks and/or Tigers are playing, we’ll always have special game day treats at the Cabana Bar and drink specials. Come on over to watch the games!

We continue to witness the strength and caring of our membership as they remain vigilant while watching “our” golf course in the wee hours of the evening. I’m so grateful to all of you who live on Cat Island and are not afraid to call me, the police, or even better, call out anyone wishing to do harm, purposely or not, to “our” golf course. I’m also grateful that you have curtailed riding your personal carts on the golf course when the conditions have been so wet as of late.

What a wonderful time to be a member of Cat Island Club. There are so many exciting things happening at our club. Not to mention, it’s one of the most beautiful spots on the planet!

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