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The Cat Island Weekly Update: September 2nd

Sep 2, 2022 | Weekly Update

Last week I wrote about building the golf course as well as relationships. After this past week, I am adding an ark to the list of needs. In fact, I’m having my umbrella regripped due to the excessive use over the past week—and more to come. The recent weather pattern has certainly slowed our progress, but our determination has not waivered and in fact, we continue to make great strides in growing in the golf course.

With the forecast for this holiday weekend showing a wash out, we’re unfortunately going to postpone the Labor Day pool party that was planned for Sunday afternoon. Our plans were to utilize parts of the range tee and surrounding grass areas for the water slide, but as you can imagine, those areas are quite wet with little chance to drain due to the extended forecast. However, the good news is that we don’t live in a part of the country that Labor Day means the end of the summer season. In fact, we have plenty of pool days left and we will reschedule this family fun day a few weeks down the road.

We’ve been building our social calendar for the next four months and we’re committed to hosting a variety and number of events for you to enjoy. In spite of our limitations of space and staff, our plans are to host at least one “significant” event per month. We’ll have family events for Halloween and Christmas and other popular events, like an Oyster Roast, and parties at the Cabana Bar. You can also expect family movie nights at the pool and, of course, we’ll be hosting specials around college football games.

Our next scheduled social event is our Tacos and Tequila night. We’ll host this party at the Cabana bar on Friday September 16th from 6:00 until 8:00 PM. Our team will have a fantastic taco bar set up to allow you to make your own Tacos and our bartenders have great varieties of Tequila for the night. I am encouraging our members to invite their friends and neighbors as guests for this fun evening. The cost for members is $22 and guests of members are $25. Please sign up on Clubster or send me an email. This event will be rain or shine as we’ll all be under the Cabana, and it’s bound to stop raining eventually!

I hope that all members reading this announcement have recently downloaded our new communication tool, Clubster. Each member should have received an invitation with instructions on how to download this app on your phone and computer. Clubster is a social media platform that we will use exclusively for Cat Island Members. With Clubster, you can decide on how you would like to receive news and information from our club—whether it be by your phone, computer, or both. If you did not see the email to invite you to download Clubster, please reach out to me and I’ll resend it to you.

So, as I said earlier, the rain has certainly slowed our progress in several areas of our restoration; however, our greens and fairways love heat and water. Ben and his team have added fertilizer to the mix and the results are incredibly happy greens and fairways. Our outward nine holes were sprigged exactly one month ago and to date, they have been cut multiple times. This week alone, they have been cut six times. The fairways are very wet, and we don’t want to damage them right now by running mowers over them, but they too have been fertilized and are loving their rain and heat days.

Our bunkers project includes sodding, drainage and adding sand. Our construction team has been working diligently now that the sod is in place by adding additional drainage in each bunker. The sand has been added to the first three bunkers on the list with more being completed each day.

Over the next few weeks, and as weather permits, we’ll continue to work on each bunker. Soon we’ll be adding more sod and sprigs to the areas around the putting surfaces and weaker areas in the fairways. The on-course restrooms and pond are also on the agenda for the next few weeks. The cart paths that were damaged are being removed and we will be adding gravel to those areas for our soft opening. More news on all of those elements and the soft opening in future notes.

One note especially directed to our Cat Island residents. Please help us with our efforts of restoring this golf course by not riding your carts on the golf course. It’s obviously extremely wet and damage can occur very easily in these conditions. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with our efforts to build something very special for all to enjoy.

I hope everyone has a great (and dry) Labor Day weekend. Please make plans to join us for Tacos and Tequila on Friday September 16th. Stay safe out there and stop by the clubhouse from time to time. I always enjoy a visit to break up the day.

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